Because Volkswagen is loved by countless people, we want to tell you about it. Specialists who love and know all about Volkswagens will help you in your car selection process. We are looking forward to seeing you.


Sales Manager

Volkswagen Osaka-Higashi

Customer satisfaction Number 1 sales person

I learned the joy of driving a car when I was 18. I wanted to convey the joy of driving to as many people as possible, so I got a job in car sales. Driving a car will give you a lot of excitement and memories, such as new places and beautiful scenery. Let me help you make memories through the use of the perfect car.


Service Manager

Volkswagen Osaka-Namba

I provide advice tailored to your car life.

A service manager is a position that coordinates service advisors and mechanics to provide customer satisfaction and support the safety, security and car life of customers and vehicles. All our staff are working hard every day to meet the demands of a wide range of customers including annual and regular inspections, payments and repairs, and providing services that exceed expectations.


Service Advisor

Volkswagen Nara-Gakuenmae

I work hard every day to have our customers enjoy the best car life.

Nice to meet you. I’m Segawa, the service advisor. I believe that the main duties of the advisor are to meet customer needs and provide the best advice on maintenance. I always try to give kind and courteous advice, and to be faithful to the basics such as always talking to customers with a smile and keeping promises. Although there are difficult times, I feel rewarded when I get appreciation from our customers.


Customer Service

Volkswagen Osaka-Higashi

For both customer and myself, I aim for customer service that makes us smile.

In addition to basic office work, I take care of customer reception and tea serving. Since I’m usually the first one to meet customers when they come to the store, I put “Always courteous and cheerful” as my motto! I feel rewarded when I talk with customers and hear a praise. That becomes a motivation to keep doing my best!!


Service Engineer

Volkswagen Nara-Chuo

Born to be a mechanic

Because of my father’s influence, I was interested in cars since I was a child and dreamed of becoming a mechanic in the future. When I got a job at this company after graduating from a technical high school, my seniors kindly showed me and thoroughly taught me how things work. Since being a mechanic is physical work, there are difficult times, but I feel a sense of accomplishment when the failure or malfunction is resolved, and I feel it’s a very rewarding job. The structure and controls of cars evolve day by day, so I keep learning every day.


Sales Representative

Volkswagen Osaka-Higashi

I recommend with confidence.

Since the 7th generation GOLF debut in 2013, Volkswagen has become even safer. All cars and models can be confidently presented. Volkswagen is also a car that is very easy to drive. We will respond to customer requests and propose recommended models and grades. Please take a test drive and experience the comfort of Volkswagen. We look forward to your visit.