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Toho Holdings holds the role of a command tower headquarters for the group. We keep a close track of reports from the worksites of each department, and operate all businesses smoothly. We strengthen our system to respond to requests and problems that occur in various scenes in real time.



General Recruitment Consulting

We engage in recruitment consulting business that creates appropriate matches according to the needs of each company.

This is a comprehensive recruitment support service. We capture your desired talents and characters, then accurately introduce human resources that meet your needs. Through our extensive support process from hiring to joining the company, we reduce your burden in addition to improving the efficiency of recruitment activities. A dedicated advisor who understands each job seeker will also provide career education and follow up that prevents mutual mismatches. In addition, we propose original services according to the recruitment policy of your company, solve the human issues that complicate recruitment activities, and contribute to securing required human resources.

We provide a wide range of services centering on strong connection to the automobile industry.

As a leading company in the imported car industry, utilizing our unique connections, we propose appropriate services that meet the needs of the automobile industry. In addition, we support the recruitment activities of various companies, mainly in the Kansai area, by leveraging our many years of experience in Osaka. We offer free job posting corners and events such as scouting and matching events. We also implement marketing and promotion for the purpose of recognition to job seekers.

We secure appropriate human resources based on the needs of the company with high accuracy.

After confirming the details of the desired candidate’s image through our dedicated advisor, we introduce the company’s appeal to the new graduates from a third-party standpoint. By contacting many job seekers efficiently, we secure reliable recruits. Even after providing the best match for both parties, the advisor will continue to keep contact and make sure both parties are happy.

New Graduate Recruitment Service

You can find hidden gems.

Our new graduate recruitment service sponsors and supports the athletic clubs of many universities. Based on information obtained through interviews in advance, students who meet the recruitment needs of companies are guided and introduced to various events. Regardless of whether it is a regular or limited event, the student self-introduction sheet submitted in advance contains the detailed information about the applicant, and will ensure efficient contact.

New Graduate Recruitment Service

The Little Cafe space can be used not only for exchange between students and companies but also for career discovery and support.

While connecting students and companies, this space is open to connect students with each other. Events where students and companies interact are held in a comfortable space created by the Little Cafe space, where the hidden qualities of students can be discovered. We also offer job hunting consultations, and after several interviews, our dedicated advisor introduces companies that match individual students. We will assist you with selections such as résumé reviews and mock interviews, etc., and we support you on the way to the job offer.


We offer dedicated advisors who support recruitment work with flexible proposals for appropriate services according to each company’s plans and issues.

Direct Number
TEL 06-6452-3701TEL 06-6452-3701

If you are a company or job seeker who wants matching, please contact us by phone or e-mail.



Import Business

We engage in import business focusing on imported car parts. We are particular about delivering high-quality, defect-free products at reasonable prices.

With a global network centered on Europe and far-reaching information acquisition, we engage in import business centering on imported car parts. We have made it possible to import high-quality products at a low cost by maximizing our plentiful experience and contacts cultivated over many years.

We solve the problems of purchase costs by effective importing. Air, sea, and land transportation—the import costs and time are adjusted to enable importing in the best way. Risks are avoided by thorough quality control for storage, unloading, loading and sorting of luggage. In the event of an interruption of service, experienced staff can secure alternative routes for products quickly.


Pre-owned Vehicle Sales

Providing a comfortable car life for owners through the sale and purchase of pre-owned vehicles.

“Buying and selling cars can be more fun.” Based on a car distribution system that allows customers to freely select cars regardless of the manufacturer, the intermediate margin has been cut to allow sales at high margins while upholding high-quality car sales. In addition, we minimize the various risks associated with the purchase of pre-owned vehicles, and support the owner with a full warranty service.

You can count on us for a reliable purchasing service.

It is important that the margin is high when selling a car, but we also believe it is very important to be able to proceed through the sale without any trouble. Your sense of security after the contract is given first, and we work to avoid troubles at the time of purchase.

The pre-owned car search system

You can find a good car that we bought directly from the user using the pre-owned car search system at anytime, so you can find your favorite quickly. You can search at your convenience and compare various cars, so you can choose carefully.