Toho Holdings is the headquarters of the Toho Group. The veteran staff who oversee general affairs and accounting, and the young staff of the human resources development department—both put daily effort into the development of our group.

Administrative Manager


Work description

Responsible for accounting-related work—reimbursement of expenses and billing, entry of slips into accounting software, summarizing monthly income and expenditure, annual settlement processing, etc.

With a small number of staff, we conduct accounting operations for the entire Toho Group. From foreign currency remittance processing of imported car parts to overseas suppliers to sales summary processing of the automobile sales business and accounts receivable management, I try to do my job quickly and reliably. I still have a lot to learn, but I think it is a rewarding job. I want to gain knowledge in my daily work so that I can grow with the company every day.

Supervisor, Import


Work description

Responsible for import operations—managing the progress from ordering to arrival of goods, arranging customs clearance, and connecting products and information from overseas to each department in the company

I feel this is a rewarding position where I can interact with various business partners and internal departments, and experience the entire business flow. When faced with new challenges and problems, it is always the help of the people around me that can help solve problems that I can’t beat with my limited power. They are sometimes a remote business partner, or a colleague, or sometimes a close friend. That’s why I always try to communicate and show appreciation to people, both at work and in private.

Import Documentation


Work description

Dealing with domestic and overseas suppliers—Getting quotations, ordering, damaged goods and other complaint processing, and data processing

My hobby is traveling. I love traveling abroad and have been to various countries, with my favorites being Australia and Thailand. I’m thinking about where to go next. Please let me know if you have any recommended places both in Japan and abroad! I lived in Australia for two years and one year in New Zealand through the working holiday program. Taking advantage of the English skills that I gained there, I usually interact with overseas suppliers in my daily work. I want to do my best to grow every day.

Chief, Human Resources


Work description

Recruitment consulting, sales activities for companies, quotation creation, negotiations, event hosting, interviews with job seekers (new graduates / mid-career)

Yoshitsugu Otani, the person I respect and aim to be. “The real fortress is not a visible castle, but a virtue born from the heart.” I believe that little connections in the business world are assets to my future self. I’m in an environment where I have the chance to meet various companies and allow to grow. Currently, the goal of our department is to become independent within the group. We consider hiring as the most important issue for the future, and we are working to return to stakeholders through continuous recruiting services.